There is no shortage of things that seem to outrage our society these days.

I am not sure how you get your cause on that list of things to argue over, and have people endlessly post their point of views on social media.

There are always a couple of causes that I am surprised never make the list of public outcry.

I often wonder where the conversations and actions are for the homeless, orphans, and those who are exploited and trafficked.

Thankfully there are people, and organizations like Call to Freedom who tirelessly bring awareness and action to the overlooked.

Friday January 9th, we can be a part of the awareness by wearing blue on Wear Blue Day for Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

We are encouraged to wear blue clothing, snap a photo, and post it to social media using #WearBlueDay to raise awareness for human trafficking.

For more on Call to Freedom, the work they do, and upcoming events checkout their Facebook page.

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