A little boy in Blaine, Minnesota wanted some candy and knew exactly where he could get it. But getting there was the problem. It was too far to walk

So he decided to drive, which made sense. Except for the fact that he didn't have a car and more importantly, he didn't have a driver's license due to the fact that he was only 4-years old.

He took matters into his own small hands and "borrowed" his great-grandfather's car! The Blaine Police Department said the boy, named Sebastian, got behind the wheel of the small SUV and took off. Barely seeing above the steering wheel, he actually managed to drive through the streets in the busy morning rush hour traffic.

Our young motorist was seen traveling at speeds of 10-to-15 mph before pulling into a gas station parking lot, where authorities quickly met him.

The boy said he was heading to the gas station because I wanted to have Reese's. Along the way, several mailboxes were destroyed and the vehicle clipped a tree, which broke off a piece of the bumper onto a neighbor's lawn. No one was injured.

Source: Radio Online

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