When I go places and do things I often bring a backpack. It's a really handy piece of gear that makes your life better. More times than not there is food in my backpack. Some are great and handy, and others are absolutely no-go's.

The size of the backpack matters, of course. I could literally haul an elk leg in my big frame pack, but I'm speaking more of when you would use a backpack to haul provisions for yourself in a more urban environment, not in the backcountry on a hiking or backpacking excursion, so I'll keep my list to packs that would be useful to say ride a bike.

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1 - Pan of Lasagna

baked lasagna on a baking sheet

It's a pretty tall order to keep something like a giant pan of lasagna to stay in its intended form while commuting with a backpack. Sure, the pan would likely fit medium to large packs perfectly, but everything would run to one end of the pan because of gravity.

2 - Ice Cream

Ice Cream
David Paul Morris, Getty Images

I love ice cream. My wife makes terrific homemade ice cream that has eggs in it that have never made anyone sick. But I might throw up all over the place if I had to clean warm dairy out of a backpack. It just doesn't sound fun.

3 - Candy Bars

Candy Bars

Candy bars are delicious. But they melt. If there is milk chocolate on it you are asking for trouble. Plus you might attract bears.

4 - Popcorn


I love popcorn. It's my overall favorite snack to eat. But I could fill my entire backpack with popcorn and I might get a little bit full. Unpopped popcorn is a viable option, but there is the complication of adding butter to your popcorn, without which it makes popcorn an abomination that no one should consider.

5 - Broccoli

Fresh broccoli isolated on white background

Broccoli, while known as a very healthy vegetable, tastes like rodent vomit and smells worse than that when cooking. This has nothing to do with transporting food in a backpack, it's just awful.

As far as these food tips for eating out of a backpack in Sioux Falls, they would apply to any city.

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