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Winter weather has quickly moved in over the Sioux Empire area over the last 12 hours. The worst is still heading this way and with bad weather on the horizon, it is never to early to be prepared for power outages or being snowed in. Below is a list of some items we feel will help you and your loved ones with the winter weather ahead.

1) Waterproof Lanterns
These lanterns come in a pack of two, are military-grade and collapse to save space. They can also be used upside down as there is a magnet on the bottom of the lantern for hands-free light wherever you may need it.

2) Winter bibs for the whole family
As a child I never understood why we all needed to have a pair of these, now I know why! If you've ever had to push someone's stuck car out of a snowdrift or needed to shovel snow for an extended period of time these help keep you warm and dry. Plus, they prove another layer to wear if the power goes out.

3) MREs
Now I know what your thinking. Why would we be encouraging MREs for a wintertime necessity? Well, they allow anyone access to a hot meal without using any electricity. These meals, although not the greatest, allow you to heat up the food pouches inside a self-heating insulated bag. They come in several different meal options and also include napkins, utensils, gum and hot sauce. All you need to do is add water!

4) First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is always a good idea to have on hand regardless but especially when travel is difficult. Also, make sure it is stored in a location where family members can find in case of a real emergency.

5) Disaster Relief Deck
This travel-friendly deck of information cards serves as an amazing resource in any natural disaster situation. It comes with instructions on what to do when disaster strikes and to do after the storm has passed. These cards would make a great gift for loved ones who live outside of South Dakota also since it covers all natural disasters.


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