The Minnesota Twins are having a flash sale in which fans can purchase tickets for remaining May home games for just $5.

We've detailed some of the struggles that the Twins have had this season in regards to attendance, but the team is doing everything they can to get fans into the ballpark. Minnesota has started strong and is currently first in the AL Central. The weather this season hasn't fully cooperated, leaving some fans deciding to watch games from home instead of going to Target Field.

Now the team has come up with another solution. $5 tickets. Yes, $5 can get you into the ballpark for any of the remaining games in the month of May. Memorial Day weekend? Check. The series against the Brewers to end the month? You bet. The tickets also don't include fees, so fans can truly get into the game for $5.

Fans that want to take advantage of the flash sale have to do so quickly. The team will shut down the sale as of Thursday night (May 9) at 10:00 PM. Tickets for each game can be purchased here.

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