It wasn't too long ago that Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah in a post rehab interview and said she was ready to change and be a better Lindsay.

If anyone is going to get Lindsay to cut the bull and own up to her mistakes, it is the all powerful Oprah.

Oprah took a risk on Lindsay offering her a huge paycheck for a docu-series. (Oprah doesn't do reality shows on her network.  Everything on OWN is educational and not smut in anyway, duh.)

The first promos for the show are out and it looks awesome.  Lindsay's sober coach can't verify that she's sober and Oprah steps in to have a come to Jesus talk.

Set your DVR's people. This Sunday at 9 on OWN.

I know in this article I seem to enjoy Lindsay's train wreck, but in all honesty I want her to do well.  I grew up with Lindsay Lohan.  We are in the same age bracket and I do think she is very talented.  Here is hoping that Oprah can work her magic on Lindsay.


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