Long before Harry Potter was eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans the folks at Jelly Belly were making oddly flavored jelly beans. They are the folks that combine the taste of coffee, jalapeno and popcorn and the humble jelly bean. Now they have reached the pinnacle of flavored jelly bean: Draft Beer.

The kings of the beans say that people have been asking for a beer jelly bean for years. So, they assembled a bean team of crack researchers, Avengers style, to create a Hefeweizen-inspired ale flavored jelly bean.

“This took about three years to perfect,” says Ambrose Lee, research and development manager for Jelly Belly Candy Company in a press release. “The recipe includes top secret ingredients, but I can tell you it contains no alcohol.”
And in keeping with Jelly Belly tradition they offer up some recipe combinations for the new flavor
  • 2 Draft Beer + 1 Peach = Beer Sangria
  • 2 Draft Beer + 1 Red Apple = Beer cider
  • 2 Draft Beer + 1 Lemon Lime + 1 TABASCO® = Michelada

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