It would be impossible to not notice the increased promotion of violence, and I'm not talking bouts inside the ring or cage.

Fight videos are constantly posted everywhere I turn, TV, Facebook, Instagram, and news media stories highlighting fights of human against human.

I'm not sure when or why it started, but I see a lot of outrage and few conversations about solutions.

Seeing people being attacked by more than one person, or being attacked for no reason other than just being somewhere.

The violence is disturbing, not just the violence, but also the people who record it and post it concern me.

The promotion of people inflicting pain on someone else cannot end well for the compassion compass inside people.

I cannot imagine what the victims in the videos on the receiving end feel being attacked, and not only is no one helping, but they are recording their pain like its entertainment.

I find it impossible to erase the images in my mind of these videos, and knowing it will continue unless we do something makes it hard to sleep easy at night.

Every year schools are trying to figure out how to stop this fight culture, and it's spilling out into all areas of our cities.

Kids are looking for us as adults to set an example, but I see adults filming adults fighting and posting fights in stores, at parks, and restaurants.

I don't know when people stopped breaking fights up, and started breaking out their phones to record.

There will always be no shortage of problems, but we have to start putting their minds, time, and hearts towards solutions.

I wanted to sit down with some people who are actively seeking solutions to problems, and trying to balance the darkness by spreading light.

Kansas Middletent is an ambassador for Native Hope, and I asked him to share some wisdom and insight.

If you would like to know more about Native Hope and the work they do check out their Facebook page or the Native Hope website.

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