I'm obsessed with The Walking Dead. I never miss an episode when it airs live, with the exception of when I'm deer hunting. No other show holds this status in my life. But something has been increasingly clear as I watch the third season of Fear The Walking Dead: it's better than it's predecessor.

When I say it is better I am saying that the last season's worth of episodes. The original TWD entered it's seventh season with a classic episode which, while controversial because of the gruesome violence, was true to it's roots in the comic and hit a new high with me personally. It was followed by 15 episodes that made me lose interest gradually over it's run.

Fear started off slowly. It left out some things I really wanted to see like the gradual fall of civilization. That was replaced with a view from inside an internment camp run by soldiers and we missed it all. Then the show has led us into the high seas, down into Mexico, back to the border, and back into some new hellish existence for some and new riches for others.

I can't even explain well how I know the spinoff is better, it just is. It is more interesting. Maybe I've grown tired of Rick and Daryl whisper talking with gravel in their voices. Maybe the incessant leaning back of Negan in cadence with his endless speeches of little consequence. It could also be that I'm fascinated with an inner city female version of Rick Grimes in Madison Clark. It could be that a completely fresh storyline unencumbered with comic fanboy expectations has created a show that isn't beholden to anything and leaves me perpetually surprised.

Or maybe the people running Fear are doing a better job than those running the O.G. series.

But it's probably all of that.

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