South Dakota makes Top Ten lists all the time. Things like Best Place To Live, Best Place To Start A Business, Best Towns In America.

Well, now we've made another.

Top Ten State to Hit A Deer.


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State Farm has released its annual list of the states with a likelihood of a deer/vehicle crash. And yep, there we are at number six. And you might not want to make a detour north either. Our friends in North Dakota are a little safer, but still at number ten.

But if you really want to smack a deer with that front bumper (and why would you?), just head to West Virginia. They topped the list for the eleventh year in a row.

Folks that know say October through early December is the peak period for your vehicle to, uh, find a deer.

So keep those eyes open. Better to let Bambi lope across the road rather than peel him off your dented car!

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