First he had to come to terms with his daughter getting married, then came her (and his wife's) pregnancy, so what's next for Steve Martin to do in a potential 'Father of the Bride 3'? How about a gay wedding for little Matty Banks?

According to Nikki Finke, while Disney and Warner Bros. are sorting out the rights to 'Father of the Bride 3,' a pitch has been made -- which Disney apparently loved -- to have the third installment focus on Matty Banks, now 29 and marrying the son of a Navy SEAL. As one would expect, after seeing how Martin's George deals with unexpected situations, his father is dumbfounded over the idea of his only son being gay, so his wife kicks him out of the house, presumably before some groveling and acceptance happens on George's end.

UPDATE: Steve Martin chimed in on Twitter to clarify that he hasn't been notified about or read a script for 'Father of the Bride 3,' though that doesn't discredit the pitch made to Disney.

Martin is expected to return to his famous role, while 'Father of the Bride' director Charles Shyer is both writing the script and helming the project. Though, it's unclear at this point whether any other original cast members will return, including Kieran Culkin, who portrayed Matty in the first two films. And how about Diane Keaton? If her matriarchal role in 'The Family Stone' is any indication, she's the perfect onscreen mother to have a gay son.

If everything comes together, a gay-themed 'Father of the Bride 3' would be a refreshing move forward in the movie industry, considering it's coming from such a widely appealing film series. While the LGBTQ community has been making major strides in the political arena -- just this morning, the White House announced President Obama's plan to sign an executive order to protect LGBTQ federal employees -- there's always room for more gay-inclusive films and TV series, and the fact that a pitch like this is getting all this buzz is certainly a sign of the times.

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