On Monday morning, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem along with Public Safety Secretary Craig Price held a press conference at the State Capitol to issue the latest information regarding the fatal car crash involving South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

Authorities involved with the on-going investigation have released the crash report and a photo of Ravnsborg's vehicle.  During the press conference, Governor Noem did confirm that "much of the investigation is complete."

South Dakota Dept. of Public Safety
South Dakota Dept. of Public Safety

Based on the crash report, Ravnsborg was distracted when he struck and killed 55-year-old Joseph Boever.  Secretary Price explained that authorities are still investigating the nature of this distraction.

Dakota News Now reported Secretary Price indicated that "the crash report showed the victim, Boever of Highmore, was walking on the shoulder of the road when he was struck. The report also said Ravnsborg was distracted immediately before the crash, but Price declined to say how he was distracted."  Officials are now handing the investigation to the Hyde County State’s Attorney’s office. The office will determine the charges against Ravnsborg if any.

Ravnsborg was driving on Highway 14 just a mile west of Highmore when he hit 55-year-old Joseph Boever at around 10:30 PM on the night of September 12th.  Originally, Ravnsborg believed that he hit a deer when dialing 911.  He did search the ditch along with the surrounding area and found nothing.  It was not until the morning of September 13th that Ravnsborg discovered the body while retrieving his car, which was left inoperable by the crash.

In the previous update provided to the public on October 13th, authorities involved with the investigation released Ravnsborg's blood alcohol content and the 911 call Ravnsborg made the night of September 12th.  Secretary Price did confirm that Ravnsborg's blood alcohol content was 0% when officials took a blood sample on September 13th.

Based on the preliminary results of Boever’s autopsy released by authorities,  Boever died from "extensive internal and external traumatic injuries caused by the crash."  The full report has not yet been released.

Ravnsborg's 911 phone call lasted for only two minutes and 22 seconds.

For more developing information on the fatal crash, visit Dakota News Now for the latest information.

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