I was having a 'to do list' marathon with my daughter on Tuesday. We are preparing for a vacation, which usually means working twice as hard before you leave so you don't have to work three times as hard when you return.

This fast paced method for approaching life usually doesn't result in a whole lot of peace. I had been checking off one to do item after the next, and realizing we were going to run out of days before I ran out of things I had planned to do.

That's when we happened to drive by what my friend JD refers to as a "gaggle of geese." A group of mostly adult geese hanging out on the lawn in the middle of Sioux Falls, and this family of five popped up for a slow stroll.

Watching the geese move, and deciding to stop to watch, was something that wasn't on my list. However, it was a much needed halt to the speed I was moving at.

I always enjoy this time of year when you awkward goslings are led around by mom and dad, and you watch them grow in the months ahead. You can see from the video even though the kids are book-ended with parental supervision. The adults made sure to let me know they were keeping and eye on me too.

Sometimes it takes a little nature to slow the busy life down. It's a way more peaceful way to live.

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