With legalized sports betting on the rise across the country, it's no surprise that professional athletes will be caught in a tough situation. Today, the NFL announced a 1-year suspension of Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley for betting on NFL games.

Ridley is just the second player in the past 40 years to be suspended for betting money on games, joining Josh Shaw in 2019 per Adam Schefter.

In the league's history, there have only ever been 5 suspensions linked to betting on games, including Art Schlichter in 1983, and Paul Hornung and Alex Karras in 1963.

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons
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While full details have yet to emerge on the most recent suspension of Ridley, it is clear that the NFL and all professional sports leagues have a tough road ahead when it comes to the subject.

Safe to say, it's time for a refresh across the board publicly from all leagues when it comes to what is and isn't allowed. Even if it is simply a reiteration that betting of any kind is never allowed, it would go a long way given the changing landscape of the sport and betting over the past year and decade.

Washington Football Team v Atlanta Falcons
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We'll see what is to come from this most recent suspension concerning Calvin Ridley, and how the NFL and other sports leagues respond to the ever-changing landscape of sports betting.

Sources: Adam Schefter Twitter and New York Times


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