According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, a factory worker fell one pick short of winning Warren Buffet's $1M bracket contest.

The Berkshire Hathaway's NCAA Tournament bracket contest would of awarded the winner a $1M prize per year for life if they would of correctly predicted the first two rounds and a $1M prize for getting all 32 first round games correct.

The employee from West Virginia that did miss out on the $1M did end up receiving $100,000 for have the best bracket to that point.

After correctly picking the first 29 games, he missed his first game by taking Marquette to beat South Carolina, while the Gamecocks defeated the Golden Eagles by 20.

According to the website (which by the way is a great twitter follow), the odds of getting all 32 first round games correct were 1 in 3,426.

The odds this year according to the same site to get the first two rounds correct were 1 in 1,943,573.

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