Facebook founder and gazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg roamed about the South Dakota countryside on Wednesday. He posted his experiences throughout the day.

Zuckerberg's first stop was a 2,500 acre ranch near Piedmont where he visited with the Norman family about the daily struggles of farming technology, raising cattle, and South Dakota's ongoing drought.

He then went deep - really deep - about a mile under the earth's surface at the Sanford Underground Research Lab near Lead. To get a signal for a live feed down there he used the same technology he used last year when a live-stream was viewed from the International Space Station.

From there he traveled to Sturgis where he posted Facebook's support for net neutrality.

So far, on his Year of Travel tour, he's visited Alaska to learn more about the state's social programs and oil funding. Prior to his South Dakota stop, he discussed fracking in the North Dakota oil fields.

Overall, I believe Zuckerberg was impressed with the Rushmore State, it's economy, and it's people. Thank you for visiting South Dakota, Mark.

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