He is not the magician that your parents may have grown up watching!  Brookings, South Dakota native, Reza, is much more than pulling rabbits out of top-hats. Reza has stepped up the art of illusion and has entertained fans of magic around the globe.

Falling in love with illusions at the age of 7 and performing for resorts and large corporations across the Midwest by the age of 14, Reza is now being featured on TV shows broadcasted in 31 different countries around the world.  He has sold out shows in Denver, New York, Orlando and Los Angeles, and just recently finished a month long tour in Mexico selling roughly 200,000 tickets.

But even though Reza is a world-renown illusionist, that doesn't mean that he doesn't remember where his roots are....South Dakota.

Reza will be bringing about 15,000 pounds of lights, sound equipment, stages and some of the most incredible illusions back to South Dakota.  This rock-concert style magic show is one night only, at The Dakota Prairie Playhouse in Madison, South Dakota, on Thursday, July 24th.  Tickets are on-sale now for the 7:30pm show.

With a more personal touch to how he does magic and illusions, he has the ability to connect with everyone in his audience.  Reza is not just a magician, he is a world-entertainer that is coming home to South Dakota and shouldn't be missed.

Here's some of what you might see when Reza brings his illusions to the Dakota Prairie Playhouse.





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