There's nothing worse than having a number of tasks to complete at work, and feeling so tired that you can't even think. You've been there.

What you need when that happens, is a sure fire pick-me-up. No, I'm not going to sell you some kind of energy drink or drug here.

What I have is a list of ways to get re-energized real easily right there at work. Any one or all of these will help get you thru your day.

Five Quick Picker Uppers:

  1. Take a quick walk
    Take a few brisk laps in the office hallway or even go outside. This will not only rev up your body, but also your brain.
  2. Drink water
    Dehydration can make you tired. Fill up your water bottle in the morning and keep sipping throughout the day.
  3. Eat a healthy snack
    Snacking is fine in small amounts since it helps you to stay alert, provided you stay away from the candy machine. The best healthy snacks include almonds, string cheese or fresh fruit.
  4. Have a cup of coffee or tea
    Caffeine is a proven way to invigorate your brain, and the antioxidants in tea are an added health bonus. Just don't drink so much you get the shakes!
  5. Talk to someone
    Getting up and interacting with co-workers can refresh you by engaging both your body and mind.

Source: Radio Online

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