You know how it is, you're driving down I-80 toward Laramie, minding your own business, then all of a sudden a semi moves into the passing lane. The amount of rage that you hold inside of your body during normal life suddenly explodes and sees itself out as you use every word in your vocabulary to yell at the truck driver about 2 miles per hour faster than the truck they're trying to pass. Rage, it's all rage.

That stunt can take miles to correct itself, meanwhile, you and ten other cars are anxiously waiting for the truck to pass and get over. Woof. So frustrating.

Yesterday, the National Parks Service posted a photo on their social media accounts that were so real to that situation and made me realize that bison also hate getting stuck in traffic. Just check it out.

I love that you can see in the path of the bison where they passed the slow guy. I feel this picture down to my core. Maybe I just have the road rage of a bison. I'll take it.

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Let's also not forget how awesome the National Parks Service's social media manager is. Whomever it is is the hero that we need. I'm not sure if they have a cape, but I think it calls for it for all the great content that they share from across the country. They do a great job making us laugh when they get that great photo caption in.

I feel better now after ranting about traffic, so this post served so many purposes.

Mullen Fire Burn Scars (September 2021)

Over Labor Day Weekend, I tagged along on a hunting trip in Medicine Bow National Forest near Laramie, Wyoming. As someone that grew up 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, I have never gone hunting. Though the experience of hunting was in itself very eye-opening, I think the most fascinating part was that we were in the middle of burn scars from the Mullen Fire in 2020.

Seeing the photos of the fire itself is quite frightening. Watching the firefighters work to put them out is heroic. Yet, it is absolutely haunting to stand in an area where there were trees at one point, and now there are only the broken remains of what was part of a mighty forest.

Pictures From Wyoming Snowpocalypse 2021

After two days and 30-odd inches of sow, southeast Wyoming was left buried. An in the grand tradition of every generation since the invention of the camera, we took pictures of the snow.

The Blizzard of March 2021 covered up our driveways, fences, and in some cases porches. It trapped up in our homes and canceled our plans.

Here's a quick look around the Cheyenne area from Sunday (March 14) and Monday (March 15).

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