Growing up I was fortunate enough to travel to quite a few horse shows and rodeos with my family. Traveling is different when you travel with horses. There are more things to do and animals to consider, so it adds to the adventure and makes it more than just camping out.

Last week I was at The Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell, South Dakota. While there, I noticed a whole section of the grounds filled with trailers, horses, make shift shade for dining and a lot of people hanging out. So I hoofed it on over and asked a few questions.

I ran into Darwin Kurtenbach. He told me a little about The Ethan Trail Riders. The group has been helping park cars for the Corn Palace Stampede for the past 35 plus years. They help with barrel racing, mutton busting, and give rides for the Chili Cook-Off Wagon Rides.

Kurtenbach and the crew had approximately 20 campers along with makeshift corrals set up for their mounts. Members of the group come from Stickney, Corsica, Ethan, Parkston, Dimock and even Sioux Falls. The campers spend the better part of the week at the event with what Kurtenbach mentioned as less benefits than regular campsite but we get by and have fun.

I got to thinking about it. Chances are i had been to the rodeo with family or friends back in the late 70's and Darwin and friends were most likely riding horses and helping rodeo fans from the area park.

The Ethan Trail Riders also help out with fundraisers for area families in need, after proms parties  for schools represented and also help out with The Abbot House.

Share this with your rodeo and horse loving friends. Chances are they've been to the rodeo over the years and now they know a little more about the car parkers at The Corn Palace Stampede in Mitchell, South Dakota.

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