Another Sioux Falls resident announced his candidacy for mayor of Sioux Falls.  Businessman Jim Entenman is making changes, transitioning out of his company, to serve the city.

Entenman was previously a city council member and says his time as a councilor has affected his decision to run for mayor.  At the time he was on the City Council, his business was also expanding into North Dakota and he was concerned about serving them both properly.  Entenman knew being mayor meant stepping away from the family business to give the proper attention to his candidacy and what he hopes will be the position as Mayor.

Public safety while addressing the drug issue is one of the concerns he’d like to address as mayor, although Entenman says there are many ways the city is poised for positive things in the future.  Entenman’s website has more information on his platform.

Mayor Mike Huether’s term ends in April of next year.

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