The pandemic has certainly changed how we receive our goods and services. And education is no different.

Dakota News Now is reporting that current enrollment across South Dakota's board of regent is down by 2.8%.

"Education officials say enrollment is down across South Dakota’s public university system as schools continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic"- Dakota News Now

The university that saw the biggest drop in its headcount enrollment was the University of South Dakota. USD experienced a decrease of 4.6%.

However, Black Hills State noticed a drop of 6.5% in their enrollment this fall of 250 students.

One university, on the other hand, didn't see a negative turn in their student population at all.

Northern State University actually saw a slight increase by four students enrolled at the school this semester.

I can only imagine that some students have either taken a leap year during this pandemic or have completely unenrolled from classes in-person to online classes either the same university or a different one altogether.

Hey if you can take the same classes online that help get you closer to graduation might as well right?

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