For some reason, ever since I graduated in 2005, I have had the same two recurring dreams: A) forgetting my locker combination and B) not getting enough credits or failing a class.

These dreams have occurred somewhat consistently for the last 11 years and I just don't know why. I've never failed a class in my life and I don't ever remember having troubles with my locker combination. In fact, I still remember my locker combo from college and I left there over six years ago.

So, when I woke up Tuesday morning, a bit sweaty and super confused, you can imagine I was a little annoyed. Once again (and this happens probably every three months or so)  I thought I was back in high school and going to be late to my first class due to a forgotten locker combo. So bizarre.

Does anyone else have dreams like this, or am I the only one out there that apparently can't let go of high school?

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