This week on Dancing With the Stars it was Abby Lee Miller's turn to be a guest judge.  She is from the show Dance Moms and is a very controversial figure. She is criticized for her teaching methods and the way she treats her students and parents of her students.

The pros didn't seem to respect her at all.  Even the other judges seemed to be put off by her.  Awkward.

In her defense, at least she has dance knowledge. A lot of the other guest judges don't have anything to say except you look very nice tonight. Who cares?

My favorite pro, Mark Ballas, opened the show with his new single, 'Get My Name.' And it was beautiful.

Isn't he just scrumptious?!?

Of course Amy and Derek delivered after a rough week filled with injuries. Their Argentine tango was soooooo good. How does Derek come up with this stuff? There are tricks with a stool that defy gravity.  It reminded me of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' lean.

It looked like there might have been a little flub with the stool, but who cares?! They are awesome.

Then came the celebrity dance duel, which is really more like a celebrity dance duet and my favorite of the night was Candace and Charlie! They got contemporary and it was beautiful.

Gorgeous! I literally yelled at my TV after this performance because I thought it was soooo good. The judges said Sharna slipped, but I've watched it a couple times and I still didn't notice so who cares?

Danica McKellar was sent home this week and from here on out I wouldn't mind if nobody went home because everyone is performing so well. If I had to choose, I would say James and Peta.

Seeya next week!