Dwayne Johnson revealed he repeatedly sings "You're Welcome" from Moana — which you can stream now on Disney+ — for his daughter, who's blissfully unaware that her father is the voice behind the song.

The 47-year-old actor, who played Maui in the Disney animated hit, shared a video April 17 of him mouthing the words to the beloved track as his youngest child Tiana sits excitedly on his lap with her eyes glued to the TV screen.

Though the 2-year-old doesn't quite know all the lyrics like her dad, she's seen adorably singing along to the parts she does recognize.

"And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui," Johnson captioned the post. "She has no idea, we’re the same person. And I have no idea what day it is anymore, but I am sure it’s one that ends with Y."

The proud dad also shared some encouraging words for parents who are feeling the stress of being with their children all day, every day during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

He continued, "To all the mama and papa bears out there going thru it - we understand. 24hr parenting. Get your sleep and cocktails when you can."

"Get your sleep and cocktails when you can," Johnson added.

Watch Johnson sing the Moana song "for the 937th time," below:

On Tuesday (April 21), the former WWE superstar also shared a sweet tribute for Tiana's birthday, writing, "[Heart] is full of gratitude for a beautiful birthday weekend with our lil' 2 year old tornado of love, strength & wit, baby Tia."

"Spending every day, all day with my girls has been the best silver lining blessing during this challenging pandemic," he continued. "Raising a birthday bottle of milk and toasting Bop, Peppa Pig and a house full of estrogen."

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