Nearly twenty years ago the classic quotable but otherwise dismal movie Dude, Where's My Car was released. In some way, the shenanigans of that comedy have made their way to Nebraska and victimized the South Dakota National Guard. Or it's like the beginning of an episode of NCIS.

A military tank owned by the South Dakota National Guard was left abandoned on a flatbed trailer at an I-80 exit in central Nebraska.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, it was left at the Overton exit on a ramp sometime on Wednesday by a truck driver who was contracted to bring the tank back to South Dakota after a training mission in California.

The tank belongs to the 211th Engineer Company based in Madison.

The strangest thing about this is why did the driver dump their cargo and where did they go? There isn't much in the middle of Nebraska. No casino nearby.  No amazing attractions to stop and see, that I'm aware of.

Maybe they found an abandoned trailer full of Lamborghini's and picked that up instead? But I'm not sure what the 211th would do with a Lambo, other than have a really good time like the parking garage guys in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

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