Friday during the show Tasha and I were talking about how we don't get Duck Dynasty. I know lots of people love that show (season 5 is starting soon). But I don't get the appeal.

The merchandising for the show has gone completely off the rails. There is nothing they won't sell out their likeness to.

Saturday night I was Christmas shopping with my wife and spotted these Duck Dynasty suckers. Of course the suckers are in the shape of a beard.

Last week I saw a Chia Si when I was shopping. I had not seen a Chia Pet commercial in quite some time, but a few days after I saw it in the store I saw the commercial early one morning before work.

If this garbage isn't enough, you can also get a talking Duck Dynasty duck, a talking Duck Dynasty alarm clock, even a Duck Dynasty camouflage shower curtain. I can sort of understand the alarm clock, at least it has the usefulness of a being a clock. But the talking duck does nothing except spew catch phrases. Why would someone buy that?

In case you're wondering, yes, I am a hater. I hate the show and think it's stupid and can't believe there is actually a market for this stupid crap.

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