How have I lived this much life, and never known Nude Recreation Week was a thing?

To think of all the years July 10-16 Nude Recreation Week was happening without me.

Thankfully The American Association For Nude Recreation or (AANR) is helping to get the word out.

Honestly I had never heard of that organization before this week, but they have some tips for beginners on how to participate and enjoy time naked this week.

AANR encourages folks to skinny dip, wash the family pet in the nude, scour the shower in the nude, vacuum the house nude, read a book or enjoy some other activity in an appropriate setting in the nude.

Talking with some friends of mine we put together a list of things you might want to avoid doing in the nude:

  • Don’t mow your yard naked, maybe mowing wouldn't be so bad, but don’t use the weed whacker.
  • Don't make bacon naked.
  • Don't iron your close nude
  • If you have left over sparklers from the 4th. Don't use em in the nude
  • Any car maintenance, probably wear clothes for that
  • Shingling a roof, might want to at least wear shoes, and possibly some pants

Sources: The American Association For Nude Recreation

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