There's nothing like driving over a bridge that's been fully opened up for the first time. The 26th Street Monster Project that has seemed to take forever is nearing completion. Short of finishing up a stretch of what will be a much-needed, expanded sidewalk this one is just about a wrap.

For nearly the past two years have had to find alternate routes to get to work and school. East 10th Street, 57th, and 69th did nicely, but motorists found themselves having to pencil in another 5 to 15 minutes to get to work and school. The four lanes of traffic moving both ways are going to be a welcome change!

The only thing you might want to keep your eye on is the left turn GREEN arrow if you are entering 26th coming north on Southeastern. There is a green arrow, that you might not think is coming. Give it some time and you can turn left on to the bridge with ease.

I used to dread having to re-route totally, or 'turtle through' behind a long line of single file vehicles. Now, it's pretty much a breeze. Other than the cleanup of about 30 or 40 yards of sidewalk we should be good to go.

The new park has been closed as a staging area for the construction crew and has been a late fall season rest spot for a small flock of Canadian Geese. Other than that, if you need it to cross-town Monday morning, have at it. And enjoy the ride!

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