President Trump has called on Congress to craft a legislative solution for the Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals program. It’s estimated that around 500 people in South Dakota are signed up for DACA.

Sioux Falls Immigration lawyer Taneeza (tan-EE-zah) Islam says there is a coalition of support for those who came with their parents to America.

“We are here to fight for their rights and to do what we can to advocate on their behalf. (As a result) they can become lawful citizens of our community and continue to be able to work, go to school, buy a house and get a driver’s license.”

As a general rule, Islam believes that most of the “Dreamers” would be in more populated areas of South Dakota.

“Logic helps us to see that the majority of folks will probably be in more metropolitan areas where there is more opportunities to work and go to school. It’s a good guess that we have more in Sioux Falls and Rapid City than maybe in other places throughout the state.”

While Congress wrestles with the issue, Islam notes that uncertainty will be a real fear of those who signed up for DACA as they volunteered their information to Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Nationwide it’s estimated that around 800,000 minors are logged in the DACA program. Congress will have about six months to solve the situation.

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