Mother Nature's upcoming arctic blast/blizzard party scheduled for this weekend is not going to put the kibosh on the Sioux Falls Women's March scheduled for Saturday, (January 19).

KSFY TV is reporting the 2019 Sioux Falls Women's March has now become an indoor rally. Organizers of the event, that's designed to empower women made the call to move the march inside the Palisades ballroom of the downtown Holiday Inn - City Centre on Wednesday, (January 16). The decision to move indoors was made once Mother Nature decided to serve up a slice of Siberia for the Sioux Empire this weekend.

Organizers of the march told KSFY they value everyone's safety, and did not feel it would be responsible to march in sub-zero temperatures and wind chills.

The event is slated to begin Saturday morning at 9 AM. Rally-goers will need to get to the downtown Holiday Inn - City Centre early, as the Palisades ballroom only has room for about 700 people.

Get more information on the Sioux Falls Women's March here.

Source: KSFY TV

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