Burger #4 on my journey through the Downtown Burger Battle was courtesy of Crave. Two years ago, I remember, Crave's burger was so big it was served on a wooden plank with a knife stuck in the middle of it. It was yummy!

This year their Old San Juan Burger is described as, "A burger topped with pulled pork, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, Swiss cheese and special garlic aioli on fried plantains."

I was super excited to try it because I have never had plantains before. I knew plantains looked like bananas, but didn't necessarily taste like bananas. But, I love bananas so I hoped I would like plantains.

Well, I did not. I was not a fan of the plantains at all.

I give Crave credit for going out on a limb and taking a risk by using a non-traditional ingredient for the bun, but I missed a normal bun. If there was just a slice of plantain on the burger that might have worked.

The other components of the burger I enjoyed, but that plantain just did not do it for me. I left a lot of the plantain on the plate.

On to the next one! Four down, eight to go!

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