You never know what you're going to see when you travel. While traveling through Iowa en route to Kansas City last weekend with a friend, my wife saw this fine truck from Montana out her window. It appears to be a conventional pickup truck with a topper. But the topper is elevated 100 percent higher than it would normally be installed and is riding atop a makeshift wooden topper extender.

She never saw what was going on inside the truck. That is a lot of headroom for the back of a truck. Maybe the driver was not in the driver's seat, but instead was piloting his craft from a throne that had all the controls in the back. Maybe there was pony they needed to transport but the conventional topper did not have enough room for the little equine animal. Or maybe it was a big fan of Walter White and there was some toxic cooking going on in the back.

Wait, I've got it! He's just hauling the topper. He's not actually using it. Duh!

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