Dogs need to go out for walks pretty much on a daily basis, right?  And now, as it starts to warm up again, there will be more and more people out walking, running and walking their dogs.  When you run into another dog lover, many times they want to pet your dog, comment on the "cuteness" and in some cases, ask if they can take a picture of your cute dog.

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This is not recommended.  I know that it is so tempting to have someone want to take a picture of your cute pup, but what they might actually be doing is taking a picture of the dog tag.  Many times people will have their name, phone number and sometimes their address on the dog tag.  This is in case the dog gets lost.  They will be able to find the dog's owner.  That is very helpful in the return of your pet, but having unwanted strangers and possible burglars is also very possible.

A Tik Tok user has a warning as this situation happened to her.

My dog does have some of that information on his tag, but it's on the backside. The front is only his name, the back does have my name and phone number.  It's probably  never a good idea to have your entire address on the tag.  It's a much better scenario to have the person who finds your lost pet call you and then you either meet somewhere neutral, or you go to them to pick up your pet.

Safety is really a concern in today's world.  Unfortunately, you just can't trust people and your guard needs to be up, even when it concerns a cute little dog.

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