Authorities are attempting to find out who is responsible for shooting a dog multiple times that was found in a small town near Mitchell, South Dakota.

Dakota News Now is reporting the dog was discovered early Wednesday (February 3) around 7 AM in Farmer, South Dakota. The town of Farmer is part of the Mitchell micropolitan statistical area.

A homeowner in Farmer stepped outside early Wednesday morning to find a wounded dog on his front porch. The animal appeared to have been shot multiple times, one of the gunshot wounds was even fired in-between her eyes.

The Hanson County Sheriff told Dakota News Now, the man scooped up the dog named Charlie and took him to a veterinarian to be examined. The dog had some blood on it at the time it was found by the homeowner.

According to Dakota News Now, an x-ray during the examination revealed that Charlie had sustained multiple 22 caliber gunshot wounds. The amazing thing, despite all of her injuries, Charlie is doing pretty well.

Shelby Holmberg, founder of Fur Get Me Not Animal Care told Dakota News Now, “Vet care is going to be the biggest thing we go through, she is on antibiotics, she is on pain medicine. We want to watch those bullet holes where the entry wounds were and make sure she is healing as well eventually her body is going to go there shouldn’t be bullets, pieces of bullets, we want to watch that long term, so there are no effects of what she went through."

Those caring for Charlie are hopeful she will find her forever home once she is fully recovered.

Until then, the investigation continues for the person responsible for injuring Charlie and the identity of Charlie's owner. A $200 reward has been posted for anyone who is able to provide additional information in the case.

Source: Dakota News Now

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