You've probably heard that dog owners tend to buy an animal that kinda looks like them, but this news takes subconscious vanity to a whole new level.

There's a new study out by psychologists Stefan Stiegar and Martin Voracek of the University of Vienna, in Austria that says people tend to buy cars that look like their face.

The study was based on 30 black and white photos of people and their automobiles. 160 people participated in the study, and were asked to match the face of the car to the person who actually owned the vehicle. The result of the study found that the average person was able to detect a physical similarity in the 'faces' of cars to the 'face' of the cars owner.

So the question becomes, do you look like your car?

Do the headlights resemble your eyes? Does the grill on your vehicle look like your mouth? Do the mirrors look anything like your ears? Does the overall body shape kinda look like your face?

The study claims people tend to gravitate towards a car whose 'face' is similar to their own. Many people subconsciously treat their cars like people, and not just because we give them names and sometimes pamper them.

The research also showed car enthusiasts use the same part of the brain to remember cars' looks as they do human faces.

Let's test this theory out. I drive a VW Van, so, is it the spitting image of me? How about if I glue some gray hair on the bumper?

Marc Elliott
Volkswagen Van

Source: Scientific American



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