Without getting into too many details, there was a medical emergency at the station this week and it really got everyone thinking about the right procedures in an emergency (BTW everyone is OK).

The next day, Human Resources came around and made sure everyone's emergency contact list was up to date. Good thinking.

That got me thinking that I don't have my emergency contacts saved on my iPhone. I got a new one at the end of last year and never set it up. So, I figured now was as good a time as ever.

Here is how to set up your Medical ID and Emergency contacts on iPhone 7.

I don't have an Android, but a quick google search showed me how to set up Emergency contacts. According to an Android forum from 2014 this is the procedure:

Touch ICE - emergency contacts, then the plus sign and then either Create Contact or Add Existing Contact. To test it, the next time your screen locks touch Emergency Call and then the icon in the lower left that looks like a person and a police light/siren.

There. Now we are all prepared in case of an emergency.

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