Do you have a generator if an electrical blackout happens in South Dakota?

It is a question that many South Dakotans find themselves answering at some point in their lives from the harsh winters to the ice storms in the spring to the floods from time to time, all finding a way to mess with our power.

Full transparency, I'm in my 30's and I had never discussed a "generator" with any of my friends so not having one seemed to be a lot more common.

That all changed a few years ago when we had some extreme storms that knocked out our power in Hartford.

We ended up getting a hotel in Sioux Falls where there was power, but taking two little kids during a storm to a hotel was quite the chore.

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So I did what any aging man does when he is struck with the possibility of living like Fred Flintstone, he ponies up and gets a generator.

Now I am no expert, but from my personal experience, they run around $700-1200 for a decent one that will get ya through a storm with the essentials still staying on in your home.

The trick is to get one when there isn't bad weather because when it starts to get bad, humans panic and they are hard to find.

I got ours in the Fall and was able to save a little money because it wasn't peak generator season.

Now with the rolling blackouts through the upper midwest and the continued cold weather in the south, generators are a popular machine.

Nothing is worse than having to go back in time when candles guided the way, so you may wanna play the cautious card and scoop a generator so you don't end up in the cold.


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