Fear steals undeserved days, minutes, moments, hours, years, from all of us. Here is what some wise people have taught me about facing fears. When I realize I’m afraid I immediately pray and ask God to remove my fear.

Whenever possible grab fear like the hand of a small child and take it directly to whatever it is telling us not to do and proceed to do it. Reintroduce your fears to a new version of you, as often as possible because honestly, it has no idea who you are.

If you wait for facing fear to feel right you’ll never face fear, because facing fear never feels right. Fears are a lot like vampires except not a sexy, they only burn up when I drag them out into the light.

Fear gains its momentum when I keep it a secret inside my mind. when fear tells me I shouldn’t tell someone something, that’s a one hundred percent sign that I should tell someone something.

Pretending not to be afraid makes for a great movie character, but pretending does nothing for anyone on this journey.

I hope you find the courage to face whatever fears are keeping you from enjoying your life.

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