It's probably something just about everyone has done. Work is complete for the day and you and your friends decide to stop at your favorite pub for an icy, cold adult beverage before going home. You are sitting comfortable, chatting with your friends and co-workers, when you feel the need to use the restroom. The inner debate begins, "If I go to the bathroom already, I'll be 'breaking the seal' and I'll have to pee every five minutes!" In other words, you are good until you make that first trip to the restroom and then it feels like your bladder fills up faster!

Many call that first run to the restroom 'Breaking the Seal'. But is it real? Well, even though 'breaking the seal' isn't a medical term, if it feels like you are running to the restroom more frequently after having a beer, you actually are.

According to Craig Comiter, a urologist from Stanford Health Care, alcohol is a diuretic, meaning you will excrete more fluids and have the need to urinate more often. But alcohol also causes your body to suppress a hormone called the anti-diuretic hormone, or ADH.

Comiter says when you drink alcohol, you are ingesting more liquids, but you are also shutting down your body's ADH, so you have more of a water loss. For example, if you drink a 12 ounce beer, your body will actually lose more than those 12 ounces of liquid that goes in to your body, because you are also getting rid of any extra water.

Also keep in mind, that the full bladder only holds about 10 to 15 ounces, so the extra liquids you put into your body will eventually add up, filling the bladder and telling you that a trip to the restroom needs to happen more frequently.

By the way, the extra fluid loss is also a main reason why you might experience a hangover the day after. Alcohol is dehydrating!

It should also be noted however, that coffee and tea are also both anti-diuretics, having the same affects on your body (and your bladder) as a beer. The only difference is, people usually just sip on coffee and tea, compared to chug-a-lugging a beer or two.

Source: Yahoo