A massive storm struck parts of Florida yesterday (March 7) and caused flooding in the streets of Disney World's Hollywood Studios.

You might think that three inches of rain building up in the streets would dampen park guests' spirits. However, it seems like a good amount of Hollywood Studios attendees welcomed Mother Nature raining on their parade.

TikTok user @PagingMrMorrow captured the flash flood in a video that he shared to the app. In it, plenty of park-goers (some who came prepared for the storm with ponchos) can be seen dancing and playing in the ankle-deep waters.

"The best day ever," he captioned the video.

"This is happening right now in Hollywood Studios," he added in the comments section. "I'm having the best time ever."

Check it out below:

The video has since gone viral on TikTok and received more than 2.7 million views at time of publishing. Viewers naturally rushed to sound off on the phenomenon in the comments section.

"Disneys [sic] newest water park," someone joked.

"That will be an additional $65 for the water experience," another added.

Others implied that the moment will become a core memory for guests, likely in reference to Disney and Pixar's Inside Out. Others recommended doing dance routines in the flooded streets.

However, some people were not fans of the great flood of Hollywood Studios.

"Everyone in here saying core memory and all I can think is how filthy that must be," someone wrote.

Others hypothesized that people playing in the water would wind up with "fungal foot infections" or "ringworm."

User @PagingMrMorrow wasn't the only person to capture and share footage from the unexpected flood. Various videos shared on social media also alluded to the public's mixed feelings about the storm.

“Let’s stay through the storm ... what’s the worst that could happen,” TikTok user @Panda.The.Amanda captioned her video. She added that it was "not worth ruining my new platform converse in ankle deep water" in the comments section.

Check out additional videos from the storm below:

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