There can be a lot of pressure when it comes to naming your newborn baby. It's a name they're going to carry with them forever, and I would assume you want to give them a name they'll love. While most of the time the name you give your kid will do just fine, there are some names that you want to avoid or are straight-up banned in the United States.

Before we get to the names I do want to let you know some states do have different laws when it comes to baby names. Kentucky for example has zero laws on baby names. In Texas, you have to stay under 100 letters for the first middle, and last name. How you would come up with a name that long is beyond me but that's for a different time. Some states ban using numbers or emojis, and most states have these rules in place to protect children from names that are obscene.

How anyone would want to look at a newborn baby and give them a name that has profanity, is insulting, or racist is beyond me. Sadly those attempts have been made and thankfully these rules are in place to protect babies. Names of individuals who have committed atrocities are widely banned, so you won't be running into any Hitlers or Osama Bin Laden's anytime soon.

Some of the most common naming restrictions involve derogatory terms, anything obscene, foreign characters, numbers, diacritical marks, hyphens, asterisks, and apostrophes, according to US Birth Certificates.

Hopefully, you don't see your name on this list!

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