During the past few months, we have heard primarily about businesses that are closing due to the financial hardships the pandemic has caused. But even during these trying times new businesses are also opening and offering their services to the public for the first time.

In Tea, South Dakota a business owner and his family have opened up an indoor rock climbing gym that offers climbing experiences to anyone who wants to learn how to rock climb or just get in their climbing 'fix'.

Climberz first opened in June of this year according to Sioux Falls.Buisness by Travis Klinghagen and offers a variety of different pricing options for their climbers including day passes, monthly memberships, classes, and family passes. Climbing close-toed shoes can also be rented on-site for an additional five dollars per pair.

The indoor facility offers 3,500 ft of wall space to climbers of any age. There are sections of wall space that are specifically designated for toddlers, children, open climb, and for those who are training.

Climbing routes are also changed up every week so climbers who have passes always have a new challenge waiting for them the next time they visit.

For more information regarding Climberz classes or their prices click HERE.

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