Now with this convention, I almost thought it would be more so associated with Brookings, SD for their annual homecoming celebration called Hobo Days.

Nevertheless, a town in Iowa by the name of Britt is home to the National Hobo Convention.

According to Britt Hobo Days, the city of Britt has been home to the National Hobo Convention since the year 1900 and is supported by the non-profit Hobo Day Association.

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What exactly were hobos?

"Hobos were migratory workers who helped satisfy America’s labor needs starting after the Civil War. They were “homeless” by choice; they worked to travel and traveled to work. Their chief mode of transportation has always been freight trains"-Britt Hobo Days.

The Britt Hobo Days are a weekend-long festival that includes: parade, entertainment, arts & crafts, food and the crown jewel of the festival is the election of the King and Queen of the Hobos.

All festival participants set up what is called a hobo jungle, sell hobo-themed crafts and free entertainment is provided.

 In Britt, there is also a Hobo Memorial Cemetery where many 19th century hobos have been laid to rest.

There is also The National Hobo Museum where many authentic hobo artifacts are on display.

The National Hobo Museum was a dream turned into reality by three life-long hobos and former Hobo Kings. The museum's summer 2021 hours are:

Thursday: 11-3

Friday 11-3

Saturday 9-12

Residents of Britt, Iowa took it upon themselves to make sure that the history of the American Hobo and Britt Hobo Days would be told for generations to come.

 Source: Britt Hobo Days

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