Illinois may be known as the "Land of Lincoln" but the state of Iowa could argue the same.

As it turns out, Honest Abe owned two parcels of land in the Hawkeye State. But where in Iowa was this land and why did he buy it in the first place? The reason may surprise you.

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Credit: Library of Congress via Unsplash
Credit: Library of Congress via Unsplash

How Did President Lincoln Get The Land?

Lincoln initially was offered the land back in 1832. The U.S. government awarded it to him for his volunteer service in the Black Hawk War.

It wasn't until decades later that the land actually became his. He received 40 acres of land in 1850 and another 120 acres in 1855.

Where is the land located?

Credit: Abraham Lincoln Online Library
Credit: Abraham Lincoln Online Library

The 40 acres of land was located in east-cental Iowa in Tama County. The 120-acre parcel was in western Iowa, in Crawford County. After the President was assassinated in 1865, the two pieces of land went to Lincoln's son, Robert, who sold the land in 1892.

Although both parcels of land were passed out of the Lincoln family over 100 years ago, it's still being used for the purpose in which Lincoln acquired it, farming.

To read more about the land and Lincoln's relationship to the state of Iowa, check out this article from Abraham Lincoln Online.

Story Source: Abraham Lincoln Online


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