One of the largest sports retailers in America has ended the sale of assault-style weapons in a direct response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting, according to the USA Today.

Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack made the announcement today (February 28) on Good Morning America. He said, "We're staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. I'm a gun owner myself. We don't want to be a part of this story and we have eliminated these guns permanently." The weapons will no longer be sold at any Dick's or Field & Stream stores. The retailer is also ending sales of high-capacity magazines and sales of guns to people under 21 years old.

Dick's change appears to be a direct response to the Parkland students who have pushed for change following the shooting.

Social media reacted swiftly to the announcement with people on both sides of the gun debate weighing in. Many applauded the company for supporting the change, while others threatened to boycott Dick's stores.

Stack went on to say that, "We know that this isn't going to make everyone happy but when we take a look at what those kids and the parents and the heroes in the school, what they did, our view was if the kids can be brave enough to organize like they this, we can be brave enough to take these out of here."

Dick's has also acknowledged selling a gun to Nikolas Cruz, though it wasn't the weapon he used in the school shooting.

Read the company's official statement here.

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