Demi Lovato graced the Denny Sanford Premier Center with her presence on Friday evening and it was awesome!

I had the honor of escorting our winning listeners to a meet and greet, and while there was some communication errors, Demi was very gracious to her fans and everything ended well.

She had two openers, Restless Road, whom Demi judged on X Factor and Christina Perri. I had never seen Christina Perri in concert before and she was great. She sang her face off and gave me goosebumps. In a lot of her songs there is that one power note and then add lights and ambiance and that equals goosies!

Demi opened with her latest single, 'Really Don't Care' and that definitely got the show going with a bang. She did all the hit songs you'd expect from listening to Hot 104.7 and then of course the Lovatics were ecstatic to hear all the album cuts of their favorite songs.

Demi really showed how real she was when she forgot the words to a fan requested song. She stopped after singing the first line because she started on the second verse. Classic Demi. (She also kind of messed up the words to 'Thriller' during her cover, but it was still a fun performance.) I think all this just sent home the message she was really trying to deliver which was of self -acceptance and self-worth. Demi has battled some demons in her past, but she hasn't let that slow her down and she is trying to be an example to her fans that you can get back up after falling down.

All in all it was a great show!



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