Imagine you are sitting in your living room, watching Tiger King on Netflix. Suddenly there's a couple of odd noises and then your living room window explodes. After quickly wondering if you need to change your underwear, you look and see a deer running through your house.

That happened in the vicinity of 57th and Southeastern in Sioux Falls on Thursday. Animal Control was called out to help deal with the deer as it became trapped in an interior room of the house. Eventually they got it out of the room and then it runs to window from which it invaded and then runs out in the yard and away.

This has happened on other occasions and the deer had to be euthanized. Fortunately this time it was able to escape.

During the summer months I have been hiking around at Tuthill Park on the FAST bike trails and encountered deer. The more experienced animals usually give a snort and run away. But the young fawns aren't quite so cautious. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw one standing just off the trail. It was very curious and kept creeping steadily towards me. I would take short slow steps as well and it didn't bolt. When it got about twenty feet away from me, mama issued a warning. A loud wheeze came from just down the hill. Mama saw what was happening and chewed out her kid to get the hell away from me. It was a cool encounter.

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