This past week I decided to take our Granddaughter to Florida for a vacation getaway. I was expecting a little rest and relaxation. Now, we did get our 'Florida Chill' on, but it started interesting.

We flew into Sanford Sunday afternoon. Me, My Granddaughter, and two nieces. The flight, rental car pick up, and drive to Daytona was uneventful. As we hit Daytona though things were about to change.

Look at that big pickup came a reply from the backseat. It was a sharp-looking F-250 all jacked up, decked out with huge wheels and tires. Then another, then another, then, well, another.

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We finally arrived at our destination after about 40 minutes to get one mile. Trucks were everywhere. Atlantic Avenue or highway A1A was jammed up. Oh, and these trucks weren't just trucks. They were jacked-up, chipped-up screamers that were seemingly all equipped with the most powerful car stereo systems available to man.

JD Collins
JD Collins

Am I starting to sound OLD yet? I mean, I kind of get it, but after the sun went down things really fired up. If I hadn't been dog-tired from the trip I doubt I would have got any sleep at all. There were times, when we were lying in my bed on the 18th floor I could hear every word to a song playing from down below. Of course, the windows were shut as well. By the way, this photo was taken a couple of days after the event.

Back to sounding OLD yet. I did read in the local paper the following days, that the city is less than thrilled with the event. Noise, traffic, and more were the complaints of the day.

The Daytona Truck Meet is a young event. And according to local authorities, may not see another year. It was supposed to be centered around Daytona Speedway and for the activities it was. But, like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, it spreads out as the 'enthusiasts' want to spread out and show off their rides to other attendees. While it was a spectacle, I'll be anxious to see if the event actually goes on again next year.

If it does, I would suggest that some of the local neighborhoods take a note from the Rally folks in Sturgis, South Dakota. Open up that house. Rent it out. Take a few of those vacant lots on Atlantic Avenue (there are quite a few of them) and turn them into places to turn an additional buck!  Or, better yet, see what the local authorities decide what will and won't happen next year.

Like the noise? Like the fun? If you do, and if The Daytona Truck Meet happens again next year, load up and head to Daytona next June. Oh, and a note to folks planning a peaceful family vacation? You might want to wait till the smoke clears in 2022!

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