It's highly recommended at some point in your life to visit Yellowstone National Park. However, there is one part of the park you'll want to avoid. It's a small section known as the "Zone of Death" where you can hypothetically get away with murder although it's really not that simple.

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This fun subject came up again as Tom Scott, a famous YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers, visited the "Zone of Death" which is a weird government misstep where there is a section of land where it's possible you couldn't be charged with murder. Maybe. He visits with Professor Brian Kalt who explains it's not that easy in case you're planning something diabolical.

Wikipedia maps out this 50-square-mile part of Wyoming where murder without consequences isn't likely, but possible. NOTE: this is NOT legal advice and NO, I'm NOT advocating murder. It's sad that I need to be specific about this.

The bottom line is this. Since a jury would (technically) need to consist of residents in that Wyoming district, that's not possible since no one lives there. As the professor points out, there's little to no chance that a prosecutor is gonna let a major crime go unpunished.

The Idaho Capital Sun reports that there are efforts to close the legal loophole, but it hasn't happened yet.

Thanks to the very brave (and popular) Tom Scott on risking his life by visiting Yellowstone's "Zone of Death". Hopefully the people that lead us will get around to making it a non-death place soon. But, this is congress we're talking about.

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